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Platinum: 808 Sauce - GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Platinum: 808 Sauce

£29.98 £74.95

808 Sauce is here and Catalyst Samples brings you that bass sauce, 808 on the speed dial!!!


Are you tired of grabbing 808 samples only to know what key there in or when you put it in your sampler the time stretching/key stretching messes up the 808 so much you can't even use it? Well, not to worry... Catalyst Samples have you covered!

With a bundle of 5 super packs in one, never need to trawl through to find that perfect 808 again.

We have created the ultimate 808 library with 250x 808 one hits in each of the 12 keys across the keyboard. So whatever key your track is in... browse the folder and find the perfect 808 for your track.
A mammoth 3000x 808 samples ready for you to get your teeth in. No longer settle for second best and get the right 808 for your track immediately
Inside the bundle you find 5 editions of our best selling 808 packs, insane choice and content! Never struggle finding the right 808 for your track