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Illegal Bass

£34.99 £194.87

ILLEGAL BASS at it's finest. Inspired by pioneers Tchami & Malaa, this huge pack contains EVERYTHING you need to create bangers

Inside this HUGE sample pack, you will find an absolute army of bass, drums, melodics, kits, fx, vocals. Everything you need to produce Bass House, Future House & Gangster House. If you produce the dark side of EDM and House, you’ve come to the right place!

So What’s Included In The Bundle?

☄️  A Jam-Packed Selection of 13 Premium Sample Packs From Catalyst Samples
☄️ 7Gb+ of Loops, Hits, Kits & Presets
☄️ 30 Song Kits
☄️ 2000+ Loops & Hits Of Bass, Drums, Fills, Fx, Synths
☄️ 600+ Vocals
☄️ 190 Presets For Sylenth, Serum & Spire
Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro... there is sure to be a huge array of sounds and ideas to take your bass house productions to the next level

1. Bass & Wobble House Drops

 'Ingredient: Bass & Wobble House Drops' is perfect if you are looking for the hottest/filthiest drops known to man. Look no further as Catalyst Samples provide you with enough ammo to keep you going for ages.

 111 files are provided to get your tracks sounding ultra nasty, club-ready and bass faced to the max. When producing bass-heavy music there's one goal, to melt the face off your listeners. This product aims to deliver that face melt!
Product Details:
• 51 Basslines (WAV & MIDI Versions)
• 20 Fills
• 30 Stabs
• 10 Atmospheres

2. Bass House

 Getting you ready for the festival season, we present Bass House! Featuring Song kits, Bass Loops & Synth Loops.

This Pack contains everything you need to make a stomper in 2018.
Inspired by the likes of Jauz, Dyro, Don Diablo, D.O.D, Moksi, BURNS, Valentino Khan, and many more!

Product Details:

• 5 Song Kits
• 50 Bonus Loops (WAV & MIDI Versions)


'Confessions House' by Catalyst Samples is inspired by the genre masters Tchami, Malaa & Dombresky, and heavily influenced by the record label Confession. This pack brings you the best in modern G & Future House.

 Consisting of five huge song Kits to help you bring the fire to your next dancefloor smash, this pack contains everything you need if you want to achieve that main room G House feeling that's taking over and here to stay.
Looking for that bass hit? You've come to the right place!
Product Details:
• 5 Full Song Kits
• Includes FX, Bass, Synths, Leads, Vox
• 115 Loops


 'Groove Vocals' by Catalyst Samples contains 121 unique vocal loops in both wet and dry form. These pulsing vocals can be manipulated into tracks in genres such as House, Tech-House, and even Techno. Experiment with different vocals to create that quintessential repetitious addictive sound.

From industrial and heavy to banging, energetic loops, these vocals will fit nicely into your library to pick and choose from when you're looking for something special. This pack provides that extra icing on the cake and the inspiration you need to make your next club banger.
Product Details:
• 121 Vocals (WET & DRY)


 Inspired by house assassins Tchami & Malaa... this sample pack is superbly produced to a top-level. Looking for instant inspiration? Or even to learn how to make such bangers... You've come to right the place!

Product Details:
• 5 Song Kits 


 'Ingredient: Hype & Gangster Vocals' by Catalyst Samples is like nothing else on the sample market right now.

Bringing you 121 WAV files of cool chants, phrases, and rap lines, this pack is the result of the huge success of 'Hype Vocals' after which the Catalyst team went back into the studio and focused on more gritty, cool vocals.
This pack can be used in a wide variety of Dance music from G-House to Tech House, Hip Hop to Trap, Deep House to Techno, Future House to EDM. 
Looking for that little bit extra to give you track that unique and fresh cool feel? Then look no further.
Product Details: 
• 121 Vocal Loops


'Ingredient: Hype & Gangster Vocals 2' is the follow up to the successful first product, filled with 121 WAV files of cool chants, phrases, and rap lines.

After the huge success of the first edition, Catalyst went back in the studio and focused on more of the same. You asked we listened.
The pack can be used in a wide variety of dance music, from G-House to Tech-House, Hip Hop to Trap, Deep House to Techno, Future House to EDM, and much more.
Looking for that little bit extra to give you track that unique and fresh cool feel? Then look no further, this pack has all bases covered.
Product Details:
• 121 Vocal Loops


'Hype House Vox' by Catalyst Samples lets you save time and money on finding MC spit vocals for your House tracks. If you're going for something different look no longer than this pack of 70 Royalty-Free MC spit vocal lines.

Inside you'll find cool chants, phrases and rap lines that work with a wide variety of Dance music genres. This is a really unique pack created after the success of the label's 'Hype & Gangster Vocals' sample packs. This pack focuses plenty more on providing you with gangster groovy vocal lines for genres ranging from G-House to Tech House, Hip Hop to Trap, Deep House to Techno, Future House to EDM. 
Please Note:
Some vocals are explicit.
Product Details:
• 70 Vocal Loops


 'Hype Vocals' from Catalyst Samples are ultra proud to present this pack featuring 150 mind-bending, forward-thinking and fresh vocal grooves, phrases, and vocal build-ups to set any production off.

Vocals can beef up any production, and this pack is focused on doing just that. All loops are recorded at 128 BPM and can easily be used in a wide variety of different styles within the EDM spectrum from Tech House, Electro House, Trap, Bass House, Future House, EDM, Jungle, Minimal, Dubstep and much more.
The demo only touches the surface of what this sample pack can do. When you have this is in your arsenal, you'll want to use it again and again.

Product Details:
• 150 Vocal Grooves, Phrases & Build ups



'Jackin' House' by Catalyst Samples is a one-stop shop for Jackin' beats, bass, vocals & groove. Providing you with five Construction Kits, vocals, drum loops, bass loops & one hits. 

Inspired by the likes of Chris Lorenzo & Volac just to name a few, this genre is taking the scene by storm. This pack focuses on heavily concentrated UK Bass House with gangster groove and feel. This style lends itself well to many different genres within House from G-House to Deep House to Bassline & EDM. 
If you're looking for nasty drums, filthy basslines & gangster vocals then look no further. 'Jackin' House' has got you covered.
Product Details:
• 20 Vocal Phrases 
• 93 Drum Loops (Broken Down Stems For Maximum Usability) 
• 5 Construction Kits (20 Drums, 5 Bass, 4 Vocals, 10 FX, 10 Synths, MIDI)
• 20 Bass Loops (Plus MIDI)



Whether you produce Bass House, Dubstep, House, EDM, Drum N Bass or Trap, you are sure to find inspiring sounds in this package. If your tracks have bass, this pack could be your next hit.

Product Details:
• 31 Bass Presets
• 23 Lead Presets
• 10 Pluck Presets
• 86x Bonus Samples & Midi from the demo


'Ultimate Bass House' by Catalyst Samples is here to provide you with the tools for that festival Bass sound. Get ready to pull the ultimate Bass Face with five Construction Kits containing synth loops, FX fills, percussion one hits and of course bass loops.

Inspired by the likes of Jauz, Dyro, Don Diablo, D.O.D, Moksi, BURNS, Valentino Khan, and many more, this pack has everything you need to get that banger ready for clubs and festivals worldwide. It provides huge value and is 100% Royalty-Free to manipulate as you wish to release in your own productions.
Product Details:
• 5 Construction Kits
• Includes All Loops, MIDI & Presets (Spire, Sylenth, Massive, Serum) 
• 60 Bonus Loops (Bass, Synth, Fills & FX (with MIDI for the melodics) 
• 60 One Hits (Kicks, Claps, Snares, Percussion) 
• 62 Presets for Sylenth 
• BONUS: Free Spire Future Bass Soundset 


 'Ultimate Electro G House' contains five in-depth Construction Kits with one-shots, full stems, MIDI, and Serum presets. Each Kit has each preset cut down to a simple layer to ensure you have maximum control when producing your next banger.

This is an excellent opportunity to study how this complex yet simple style is produced and produce professional ideas in minutes. If you're looking at producing some gangsta beats with a hint of Future House and EDM, look no further. 
Product Details:
• 5 Song Kits
• 53 Sylenth1 Presets
• Over 200 Loops & Hits in Total