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Vocal Venom

£10.00 £25.00

Introducing Vocal Venom, the ultimate solution to your cool and crisp vocal needs!


Unleash the power of your tracks with this meticulously crafted sample pack, featuring 604 captivating vocal phrases, grooves, and build-ups. Prepare to be blown away by the versatility creativity and quality of these vocals.. specifically designed to elevate your tech house, bass house, EDM, and Dubstep productions. If you want hype or coolness.. we got you!

Vocals have always been the lifeblood of music, injecting emotion, character, and a human touch into your tracks. However, finding the perfect vocal samples can be an arduous and costly process. Countless hours are spent sifting through mediocre offerings, only to be left disappointed and empty-handed. 

But fear not, for Vocal Venom has arrived to revolutionise your creative journey! If you own “attitude vocals” from us, you will know exactly what we’re about!

This exceptional follow up sample pack contains 302 wet and 302 dry phrases, grooves, and build-ups, giving you unparalleled flexibility in shaping your sound. Whether you're seeking a dark phrase, an energetic shout, an mc groove or a sinister vocal texture, Vocal Venom has it all. The wet vocals come expertly processed, infused with just the right amount of effects to instantly enhance your mix. On the other hand, the dry vocals offer a pristine, unaltered sound, allowing you complete control over the processing and effects.

The value of Vocal Venom extends beyond its sheer quantity and convenience with bpm labelled loops to get you rocking. We've poured endless hours of attention into curating vocals that resonate with your audience, ensuring your tracks stand out in today's competitive music landscape. 

Vocal Venom empowers you to effortlessly captivate listeners and leave a lasting impact. With so many cool, creative and out of the box vocals - This really could be the hot sauce you wanted to add to your dish.

Don't let the scarcity and high cost of quality vocals hinder your creative potential any longer. Vocal Venom delivers top-tier vocal samples that are essential for breathing life into your music. 

Unlock the full potential of your tracks with Vocal Venom. Your audience awaits your next sonic masterpiece. Get your hands on this game-changing sample pack now and experience the power of venom vocals like never before!

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 604x Vocal Loops
⚪️ 302x Wet Vocals (fx processing)
⚪️ 302x Dry Vocals
⚪️ 60x Build Up Vocals 
⚪️ 248x Groove Vocals
⚪️ 296x Phrase Vocals
⚪️ 100% Royalty-Free