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Dubstep Inferno: The Ultimate Dubstep Sample Pack - GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Dubstep Inferno: The Ultimate Dubstep Sample Pack

£26.95 £89.94

Dubstep Inferno: The Ultimate Dubstep Sample Pack has everything you need to create Dubstep and Riddim!

This bundle includes six of our premium sample packs, packed with over 850 high-quality samples, loops, and 65 presets to ignite your creativity and take your Dubstep production to the next level.


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2.5GB+ of content, with over 280+ drum loops, ranging from thunderous kicks to sharp snares and percussive hats, you can lay down the foundation for your Dubstep tracks with ease. The 350+ one-shots offer an array of unique and powerful sounds, from hard-hitting Kicks to explosive snare hits, perfect for creating your own custom beats and fills.

Dubstep is all about the bass, and with 120+ bass loops included in this bundle, you will have plenty of options to choose from, each with their own unique character and groove. And if you're looking for inspiration for melodic content, look no further than the 70+ melodic loops, ranging from haunting pads to gritty leads, perfect for adding depth and emotion to your tracks.

In addition to these essential elements, the bundle also includes five construction kits, each containing all the necessary elements to create a full Dubstep track, including drums, bass, synths, and more. And if you're looking to expand your sonic palette even further, the bundle includes 65 presets for the popular XFER Serum VST, giving you even more flexibility and creativity in your sound design. 

The bundle also comes with 75+ essential FX and fills, ranging from risers to stabs. These high-quality, professionally designed sounds add impact and energy to transitions, drops, and breakdowns, allowing you to create explosive builds or subtle movements.

With "Dubstep Inferno: The Ultimate Dubstep Sample Pack", you'll have everything you need to create hard-hitting, bass-heavy Dubstep tracks that will set the dancefloor on fire. So don't wait, get your hands on this explosive bundle today and unleash the inferno!


Note: XFER Serum Is needed for the presets to work from this bundle
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