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LO-FI Lockdown

£34.99 £89.99


LO-FI Lockdown gives you a warm welcome home. Produce lo-Fi Hip Hop? Struggling for some inspiration or looking for that killer loop? We got you covered

With a mammoth 3.85 GB of Dusty beats, warm bass & eccentric and chilled melodics... We give you EVERYTHING you need to make lo-fi beats in seconds.

Inject your Hip Hop library with some of the freshest & creative Lo-Fi loops released in a very long time. Intimate Lo-Fi melodic samples blend with emotive synths, fuzzy & dusty bass, and saturated drum samples to create the warm sound of homegrown hip-hop instrumental.

Non-stop inspiration as we give you FIVE-packs-in-1 for ultimate value & creativity, all royalty-free and ready to drop into your DAW or sample as you wish!

What's In The Pack?

  104x Bass Loops

  44x Brass Loops

  6x Choir Loops

  720x Drum Loops

  815x One Hits

✅  101x Guitar Loops

  7x Harp Loops

  95x Piano Loops

  23x Song Starters

  161x Synth Loops

  99x Textures

  12x Tuned Percs

  11x Vocals


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And if that isn't enough...

LO-FI DRUMS - FREE! (Worth £14.99)

Lofi Drums

121x Drum Loops (Full & Kick-Free variations)

368x Percussive Hits (Kicks, Snares, Percs & Hats)

What Sample Packs Are Included In The LO-FI Lockdown Bundle?

1 - Everyday Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi can take on many moods, and this sample pack is a perfect example of that. How ever you feel, there will be a sound for you in this pack. We are super proud to preset: Everyday Lo-Fi.

The content in this pack covers many different instruments & grooves, giving you a broad palette to create something magical every time you open it. No matter the time of the day, there will be a loop here to spark your creativity… just good solid Lo-Fi.
With dusty and swinging beats, warm analog bass, real-recorded acoustic and electric guitars, saturated synths & cozy and chilled pianos.
With the fluid nature of the genre.. this content is aimed to inspire producers of Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Chill Hop, Downtempo, Trap, and Dusty Electronica. There are no rules with Lo-Fi, so cut up, mash-up and create!

With Endless possibilities & covering a wide variety of genres… you’re sure to find some luscious melodic & lo-fi beats magic with Everyday Lo-Fi.


2 - Jazz Vibes

Welcome to Jazz Vibes.  

Delving into the genres of Jazz, Hip Hop & Lo-Fi... this sample pack hops from genres, but also decades.

Covering progressions from the 1940s to the present day... this pack truly is something fresh. An old dog can't learn new tricks apparently? Wrong!
The modern feel of crisp production used by the worlds best crossed with old school instrumentation, professional musicality & authentic recordings gives this sample pack a unique sense of entitlement. If you are looking for some fresh Lo-Fi Hip Hop, you have come to the right place.

3 - Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sessions

Combining Old-School With Modern Production Techniques, This Hip Hop Inspired Lo-Fi Sample Pack is Full of Blissful Synths, Hard And Dusty Beats & Warm Analogue Bass

Combining Lo-Fi beats with Old School 90's Boom Bap, this pack is full of loops covering the spectrum of Lo-Fi & Old School Hip Hop. Authentic recorded bass, beats & melodics this truly is a special edition of creative & out-of-this-world samples that are aimed to inspire.

 4 - Lo-Fi Journeys


Let us take you on a journey of the wonderful sounds of Lo-Fi. This pack is full of textures, musical loops, bass loops, drums and one hits to boost up your Lo-Fi & Hip Hop arsenal. Focusing on thought-provoking melodics dressed up with simple hip hop beats and grooves, this pack will make you travel 

Written on "the fly" this sample pack was produced in a lot of different places. Recording real airport sounds, plane tannoys, weather elements and inspiration from a wealth of countries: Canada, Germany, Russia & U.K. These beats & melodics are aimed to take the listener on the journey with you no matter your mood.

5 - Lo-Fi: The Seasons

Looking for Lo-Fi beats whatever the weather? We got you! We Give You The Sounds To Reflect All The Seasons On This Beautiful Place We Call Earth...

Warm melodics for summer with birds tweeting & the sun shining, or perhaps you want a cold and wintry matter the feeling this collection of loops gives you the creative tools to take the listener on a journey whether it's summer, winter, autumn, spring or monsoon season. This beautiful genre has no rules, but moods is what it provokes. Take your listener on a journey of nature and discover real vibes.

Hear the birds tweet, fires crackle, rustling leaves & stormy weather.... accompanied by warm bass, blissful melodics & complimenting drums for all occasions 

Containing Loops and One Hits hip-hop drum samples with a highly usable selection of dirty snares, dusty kicks, hi-hats and percs giving off a vintage vibe. 


6- Lo-Fi Drums


It's as simple as that... no fuss, just quality & unique drums for your hip hop & lo-fi productions. Stay ahead of the curve with Toolbox Samples latest offering

 600+ samples of lo-fi pure bliss beats