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Jazz Piano: The Trilogy - GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Jazz Piano: The Trilogy

£18.59 £46.47

Get ready to dive into the ultimate musical journey with Toolbox Samples' electrifying release: Jazz Piano - The Trilogy! 


Elevate your creativity with a whopping 120 meticulously crafted piano loops, each infused with the soulful essence of jazz. Immerse yourself in the realm of intricate chord progressions masterfully performed by a virtuoso jazz session player. 

Alongside the WAV loops that encapsulate the heart and soul of each progression, we're handing you the keys to innovation by including the MIDI files. This means you're not just a producer; you're the conductor, wielding absolute command over the evolution of these progressions.

Check Out More Loops In The Pack:


Witness the magic of this intricate genre as it's transcribed onto paper, and then transcend boundaries by sculpting the sound to match any vibe you seek. Whether you're crafting captivating background soundscapes, delving into the realms of Lo-Fi, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, House, or any sonic horizon you dare to explore, this versatile jazz piano pack is your ultimate sonic arsenal.

No more grappling with the enigma of complex progressions! With just a simple drag and drop, you'll infuse your projects with the spark of instant inspiration from our boundless collection of loops. And here's the cherry on top – the freedom! Embrace the assurance that all these loops are royalty-free, granting you the liberty to infuse them into your productions in whatever dazzling way your imagination takes you. Get ready to unleash the symphony of Jazz Piano - The Trilogy and paint your musical landscape with strokes of brilliance like never before!

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 120 Jazz Piano Vol 1-3
⚪️ 120 Jazz Piano Loops (WAV)
⚪️ 120 MIDI Loops