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Contemporary Electronica - GHOST-SAMPLES

Contemporary Electronica



Contemporary Electronica...This sample pack dares to break the boundaries with a fresh yet nostalgic feel. Think Mozart with A DAW.

With Song Kits, Serum Presets, Loops & One Hits… this really is a one stop shop for both futuristic and classical music in a hybrid of modern cutting-edge production. It's as diverse and experimental as they come.

Contemporary Electronica is full of intricate compositions that break the barriers not only between electronic styles but across diverse genres that no other artist dare to try.

If you are looking for unique, perfectly executed future sounds to take your listener to another dimension, Toolbox Samples has got you. For producers of electronica, future bass & experimental genres.

What’s Included In The Pack?

✅  5 Full Song Kits - All elements to create full tracks - Bass, Drums, Synths, Fx, Leads & Midi
✅  40x Bonus Instrument Loops +midi
✅  10x Bonus Percussion Loops
✅  60x One Hits - Kicks, Snares & Shakers
✅ 40x Expertly Designed Serum Presets


*All WAV files work with every DAW and every sampler
*Serum is needed for Serum Presets (latest version recommended)