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Dance Fx Tools - GHOST-SAMPLES

Dance Fx Tools



Dance FX Tools. Looking for fresh versatile FX to drag and drop to give your tracks the transitions and energy they need? then look no further!

Our most in-depth FX pack to date.

Producers of EDM, Deep House, Techno, Grime, Tech House, Progressive, Dubstep, Electro and Glitch alike will find this some very usable content in this pack.

All the FX have been meticulously processed so they can be dragged and dropped into your DAW so you can concentrate on the other elements to the track.

What's In The Pack?

✅ 15x White Noise
✅ 10x Glitch Loops
✅ 20x Key Labelled Risers
✅ 10x Vinyl Loops
✅ 5x AirLocks
✅ 15x Downlifters
✅ 10x Exhausts
✅ 10x Impacts
✅ 10x Key Labelled Sub Drops
✅ 15x Uprisers
✅ 10x Up & Down White Noise
✅ 5x Whooshes
✅ 5x Zips