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Everyday Lo-Fi | GHOST-SAMPLES

Everyday Lo-Fi


Lo-Fi can take on many moods, and this sample pack is a perfect example of that. How ever you feel, there will be a sound for you in this pack. We are super proud to preset: Everyday Lo-Fi.

The content in this pack covers many different instruments & grooves, giving you a broad palette to create something magical every time you open it. No matter the time of the day, there will be a loop here to spark your creativity… just good solid Lo-Fi.
With dusty and swinging beats, warm analog bass, real-recorded acoustic and electric guitars, saturated synths & cozy and chilled pianos.
With the fluid nature of the genre.. this content is aimed to inspire producers of Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Chill Hop, Downtempo, Trap, and Dusty Electronica. There are no rules with Lo-Fi, so cut up, mash-up and create!

What’s In The Pack?

✅ 7x Acoustic Guitar Loops
✅ 15x Bass Loops
✅ 2x Choir Loops
✅ 100x Drum Loops (Full & Kick-Free)
✅ 50x Electric Guitar Loops
✅ 21x Piano Loops
✅ 1x Sax Loop
✅ 20x Synth Loops
✅ 11x Tuned Percussion (Celesta & Glockenspiel)
✅ 150x One Hits (Kick, Hats & Snares)


With Endless possibilities & covering a wide variety of genres… you’re sure to find some luscious melodic & lo-fi beats magic with Everyday Lo-Fi.