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Feel Good House - GHOST-SAMPLES

Feel Good House


Feel Good House by Catalyst Samples is a cure to any bad vibes. Feeling blue? Not to worry, Catalyst Samples is here to save the day!


We teamed up with top 10 Beatport artist Yvvan Back to delve into his mind, studio & sound!

We're here to give you a little pick-me-up, PIANO HOUSE at it's finest!

Life can get you down - work, relationships, global pandemics.... you know, the usual!

These samples give you the power to elevate that mood, and house music especially was built on that principle. Many of the genre’s records are tailor-made so that when the needle hits the groove, messages of P.L.U.R resonate throughout the now filling dance floors.

We're super excited to give you access to these samples, and is one of our favourite house sample packs we've ever released! Get ready to feel the love and groove!

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 16x Bass Loops (+Midi)
⚪️ 21x Clap Loops
⚪️ 53x Fx
⚪️ 20x Hat Loops
⚪️ 29x Kick Loops
⚪️ 12x Music Loops
⚪️ 41x One Hits
⚪️ 13x Perc Loops
⚪️ 12x Piano Loops (+Midi)
⚪️ 16x Snare Rolls & Fills
⚪️ 29x Top Loops