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Festival Fire - GHOST-SAMPLES

Festival Fire


Festival Fire is a sample pack on steroids. Grab the pack and you’ll be producing heavy beats in no time


Packed with 10 Full Song Kits, an additional 101 loops & 60 one hits… we give you mood-inspiring melodies, synth work to sink your teeth into; and bass to make the speakers rattle, this pack has everything you need for the perfect festival banger!

We’ve got what your tracks are screaming out for-pun intended.

Start off well lit with any of our full song kit starters or our light infused synth loops, banging drum hits to build your own beats or epic bass loops!

As well as audio, we also give you the MIDI for all melodic content found in the pack… a powerful tool that allows you to create your own sounds and music! The possibilities are endless

    What's In The Pack?

    ⚪️ 10 Song Kits – Bass, Drums, Fx, Leads, Synths & Vocals all broken down from full song starters
    ⚪️ 60x Percussion One Hits – Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hats & Percs
    ⚪️26x Bass Loops
    ⚪️40x Fx Loops (Build Ups, Crushes, Downlifters, Fills, Impacts & Risers)
    ⚪️35x Melodic Loops (Guitars, Keys & Synths)