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Fly Trap


We so FLY... Looking for Billboard quality catchy trap? We've got it in an abundance here as we give you 10 song kits (with over 180 samples & midi) to give you that radio sound.


Hard hitting & punchy drums, groovy & catchy melodics, and speaking rattling 808's - get ready to take over the planet with this heavy new sample pack.
No fuss, just streamlined super usable samples straight out of the box! Everything you need to create full tracks - Drums, 808 & Melodics... if you are looking for the new Fly sound, we got you covered!


What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 10 Song Kits
⚪️ 10 Bass Loops, 58 Drum Loops, 20 Synth Loops, 5 Keys, 2 Flutes 
⚪️ MIDI for all melodic content
⚪️ 24 One Hits - Kicks, Claps, Snares, Percs & Hats