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Harpsichord Loops - GHOST-SAMPLES

Harpsichord Loops


The Renaissance Era is not only for history majors. Harpsichord loops are all you need to bring your music into a time long past, inspired by classical music of one of the most famous instruments from the past.


With these Royalty-Free harpsichord loops, 40x in total and recorded professionally by a multi winning composer, get into the head of a musically trained genius and have your very own Mozart right in your studio.

These unique yet versatile tracks will work flawlessly with Trap or Classical Hip Hop (and many more), so if you're looking for something different while still retaining an edge then give the 16th century sounds of earlier times a chance with these creatively creative loops.

Not sure on the sound or want to manipulate the notes? We give you the MIDI to each loop giving you full control to craft your next hit.

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 40x Harpsichord Loops (WAV)
⚪️ 40x MIDI Loops