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Hype & Gangster Vox Re-worked - GHOST-SAMPLES

Hype & Gangster Vox Re-worked


Get Ready to Elevate Your Sound with the Revamped HYPE & GANGSTER VOX by Catalyst Samples!

Step into the realm of sonic excitement as we unveil the ultimate source of inspiration for your upcoming masterpiece. At Catalyst Samples, we thrive on innovation and cutting-edge vibes. While we're known for looking forward, we've decided to pay homage to the explosive success of one of our all-time favorite sample packs. But we're not just revisiting the past – we're reinventing it!

Imagine this: We've enlisted the expertise of one of our star producers to embark on a journey of transformation. They've taken the iconic vocals that have powered countless tracks to the top of the charts and given them an electrifying makeover. This isn't just a re-work; it's a sonic revolution that will shake the very foundations of your music.

So, what can you expect from this game-changing pack?

🎤 A whopping 120 Vocal Loops that are not only primed with the perfect BPM and key labels but are also loaded with the energy and passion that define the Catalyst Samples experience 🎤

Get ready to reshape the future of your music with Hype & Gangster Vox Re-Worked – the catalyst you need to amplify your creativity and fuel your sonic journey like never before!

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 120x Vocal Loops - BPM & Key Labelled