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Ingredient: Future Pop Vocal Chops - GHOST-SAMPLES

Ingredient: Future Pop Vocal Chops


Ingredient: Future Pop Vocal Chops by Catalyst Samples features 40 Future Pop vocal chops. This pack delivers the goods if you are looking for that Future Pop flavour to your tracks 

Unless you've lived under a rock over the past few years you'll know all about Future Pop and how it has taken over the airwaves and clubs worldwide. Future Pop is a combination of Future bass, Reggaeton, Moombahton and Synthpop all mixed together to give you a feel of happy, feel-good catchy melodies.
A huge part of what carries Future Pop and gives it that sound is the vocal chops used in the tracks, employed as another effective instrument. This pack provides you with 40 huge vocal chops, all key and tempo labelled for maximum ease. They have been painstakingly eq'd to give you a vast variety of variation to drop in on your tracks that lacking that extra something, or even to spark instant creativity and build a track around.
Check out the demo and hear for yourself what these vocal chops can do. This is a must for any serious modern producer who wants that extra bit of flair when producing and doesn't have access to vocalists or time to chop vocals up. 

What's In The Pack? 

⚪️ 40x Wet Vocal Chops

⚪️ 40x Dry Vocal Cops