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Lo-Fi Drums and Guitars - GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Lo-Fi Drums and Guitars

£6.00 £14.99

Lo-Fi Drums and Guitars.... does exactly what it says. 35 ambient & creative guitar melodies and 30 Dusty & Groovy beats

We give you everything you need to get instant vibes in the studio! no matter where you are.

Recording live instruments can be a nightmare, especially something like a guitar.. you need the right player, the right groove... then there are timing issues, clipping issues ahhhh forget it! We got you covered!!!

35 fresh, thought-provoking guitar melodies to inspire your next track. Then just layer it up with one of our perfectly produced beats and you have a cool beat cooking immediately!!! Get inspired!

For only a fiver,  this pack really does pack a punch!

What's In The Pack?

✅ 15 Full Drum Loops
✅ 15 Top Drum Loops
✅ 35 Guitar Loops