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Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sessions | GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sessions

£6.20 £15.49


Combining Old-School With Modern Production Techniques, This Hip Hop Inspired Lo-Fi Sample Pack is Full of Blissful Synths, Hard And Dusty Beats & Warm Analogue Bass

Combining Lo-Fi beats with Old School 90's Boom Bap, this pack is full of loops covering the spectrum of Lo-Fi & Old School Hip Hop. Authentic recorded bass, beats & melodics this truly is a special edition of creative & out-of-this-world samples that are aimed to inspire.

What's in the pack?

✅ 8x Atmospheres
✅ 24x Bass Loops
✅ 3x Choir
✅ 35x Drum Loops (Boom Bap & Lo-Fi)
✅ 3x Flute 
✅ 20x Guitar
✅ 7x Harp
✅ 9x Out Of The Box Starter Loops
✅ 26x Piano Loops
✅ 2x Strings
✅ 39x Synth Loops
✅ 4x Vocals
✅ 106x One Hits (Kick, Hats & Snares)