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Lo-Fi Journeys | GHOST-SAMPLES

Lo-Fi Journeys


Let us take you on a journey of the wonderful sounds of lofi. This pack is full of textures, musical loops, bass loops, drums & one hits to boost up your lofi and hip hop arsenal. Focusing on thought-provoking melodics dressed up with simple hip hop beats and grooves, this pack will make you travel 

Written on "the fly" this sample pack was produced in a lot of different places. Recording real airport sounds, plane tannoys, weather elements and inspiration from a wealth of countries: Canada, Germany, Russia & U.K. These beats & melodics are aimed to take the listener on the journey with you no matter your mood.

What's In The Pack?

✅ 12x Bass Loops
✅ 2x Brass Loops
✅ 1x Choir
✅ 14x Song Starters
✅ 45x Drum Loops (Full, Kick & Tops)
✅ 28x Textures (Real Airports, Call Outs, Rain, Restaurants, Reverse, etc)
✅ 1x Organ Loop
✅ 15x Piano Loops
✅ 2x String Loops
29x Synth Loops
✅ 1x Tuned percussion
✅ 1x Vocal 
✅ 47x One Hits (Kick, Hats & Snares)