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Lo-Fi Krypton

£6.20 £15.49

Lo-Fi Krypton supplies out of this world lo-fi melodics, beats & bass to get you producing hip hop lo-fi in seconds

Creative, Unique & Spacey are 3 words we would use to describe this pack of loops & hits. Take your listener to another world with fresh sounds to give you that competitive edge to sound different.
We give you 100 loops - consisting of bass, drums, melodics, fx & textures. We also give you 52 unique drum hits, ready to load into your favorite drum racks/samplers to create your own beats in as easy as 1,2,3!


What's In The Pack?

100 Loops:
⚪️ 20x Bass Loops
⚪️ 34x Drum Loops (Full & Tops) 
⚪️ 4x Glockenspiel Loops
⚪️ 3x Guitar Loops
⚪️ 8x Fx
⚪️ 4x Key Loop
⚪️ 21x Synth Loops
⚪️ 3x Texture
⚪️ 3x Vox Loops

52 One-Shots:
⚪️ 15 Hats
⚪️ 17 Kicks
⚪️ 3 Percs
⚪️ 17 Snares