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Lo-Fi Soul


Welcome to Lo-Fi Soul, a collection of warm, fuzzy, nostalgic beast that sooth the soul


Inside this pack you will find 10 full Construction Kits, broken down into stems that give you maximum flexibility to sample, re-mix or simply drag & drop to get inspired in seconds. With all the major elements such as drums bass, pianos, guitars, synths & brass - this pack certainly packs a punch!

In the pack you will find warm & worn piano loops, subby bass loops, ambient textures & silky guitars thrown in for good measure.

We provide superb percussion built from the ground up to emulate analog & vinyl drums, but we also know one of the biggest challenges in Lo-Fi is to have really remarkable melodies. That's why this pack contains a wide variety of beautiful instruments and synthetic loops to prick up your ears. For producers who want to have complete control of the sounds & progressions.. we include the MIDI of all melodic content... so get creative

With 150x samples & midi, cleanse your soul with Lo-Fi Soul!

 The Song Kits are broken down Drum Stems, Plucks, Keys, Guitars, Synths & Bass

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 10x Bass Loops
⚪️ 70x Drum Loops
⚪️ 34x Melodic Loops - Bells, Guitars, Keys, Pads 
⚪️ MIDI for all melodic content (bass & melodic loops)