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Lo-Fi: The Seasons

£6.20 £15.49

Looking for Lo-Fi beats whatever the weather? We got you! We Give You The Sounds To Reflect All The Seasons On This Beautiful Place We Call Earth...

Warm melodics for summer with birds tweeting & the sun shining, or perhaps you want a cold and wintry matter the feeling this collection of loops gives you the creative tools to take the listener on a journey whether it's summer, winter, autumn, spring or monsoon season. This beautiful genre has no rules, but moods is what it provokes. Take your listener on a journey of nature and discover real vibes.

Hear the birds tweet, fires crackle, rustling leaves & stormy weather.... accompanied by warm bass, blissful melodics & complimenting drums for all occasions 

 What's In The Pack?

✅ 45x Atmosphere Loops
✅ 23x Bass
✅ 1x Brass
✅ 108x Drum Loops
✅ 1x Flute
✅ 24x Guitar
✅ 19x Piano
✅ 71x Synths
✅ 6x Vocals