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Mind Craft

£4.00 £9.99

Welcome to the world of Mind Craft. This pack is full of beautiful, stirring melodies to get you inspired.

What inspired the pack? Games such as Minecraft were huge influences in this style, as we try and elevate the senses and emotions with the listener. Give your ears (and mind) the gift of bliss, beautiful and drifting melodies for instant serenity. 

Mind craft is a stunning pack full of beautiful melodies to get your imagination going. If you’re into anything that’s chill out, game music, hip hop, lounge or pop and lo-fi this pack would be perfect for you! With 40 amazing loops ranging from 120 bpm to 75 bpm there are plenty of opportunities for creativity with each loop

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 40x Melodic Loops