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Neon Nights


Get ready to take a trip back in time with "Neon Nights", the ultimate sample pack for anyone looking to create music with an 80s or synth wave sound

This pack is packed full of high-quality sounds that have been carefully crafted to give you that nostalgic feeling while keeping your music up-to-date and relevant. With 15 bass loops, you'll have a solid foundation for your tracks, providing that driving bassline that was a staple of the 80s music scene.

The 45 drum loops will give you the perfect rhythmic backbone for your productions, providing classic drum machine sounds that will take you back in time.

The pack also includes 10 guitar loops that add an organic and melodic element to your music, 15 synth loops that provide lush pads and classic analog synth sounds, and 15 lead loops that will transport you straight back to the 80s.

To help you create your own unique drum patterns, there are 45 drum one-shots included in this pack, which give you access to individual drum sounds that you can mix and match to your liking and create your own 80s sounding drum patterns in no time. Finally, 7 Fx & Fills provide exciting sound effects and transitional elements that can add an extra layer of interest to your music.

"Neon Nights" is the perfect sample pack for anyone looking to create music that combines classic 80s sounds with modern production techniques. So why wait? Add "Neon Nights" to your collection today and start creating music that will transport your listeners back in time! 

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 15x Bass Loops
⚪️ 45x Drum Loops
⚪️ 10x Guitar Loops
⚪️ 2x Fills
⚪️ 5x Fx
⚪️ 15x Synth Loops
⚪️ 15x Lead Loops
⚪️ 45x Drum One Hits (Kicks, Snares, Hats, Fills)