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Piano House


Get ready to unleash the unstoppable force of Piano House - an explosive arsenal of mind-blowing studio-quality loops that will propel your piano house productions to new heights in a matter of minutes!

Piano House is here, and here to stay.

Immerse yourself in the sonic bliss of 35 awe-inspiring piano loops that will ignite your creative fire. With both dry and wet versions at your disposal, you'll have ultimate control over every nuance and texture, allowing your musical vision to come to life in dazzling brilliance. And that's not all - the adrenaline-pumping 35 bass lines provided will seamlessly complement your piano creations, ensuring your ideas blossom into full, polished masterpieces.

We have also included the MIDI for all bass and piano loops to give you complete control when crafting your own tracks

Prepare for the earth-shaking impact of 30 meticulously crafted drum loops that are guaranteed to make your speakers tremble with excitement. These perfectly programmed and expertly mixed beats serve as the backbone of your compositions, intertwining flawlessly with the bass and piano loops, creating an irresistible sonic tapestry. Drawing inspiration from dance music titans such as Joel Corry, MK, Sigala, and James Hype, these loops are tailor-made for crafting catchy, commercial-style tracks that will dominate clubs and radio waves.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just embarking on your musical journey, these loops possess the transformative power to elevate your tracks to the next level and ensure they shine amidst the crowd. Don't wait a moment longer - seize the opportunity to infuse your music with the infectious energy of piano house!

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ Unleash the magic with 70 electrifying wet and dry bass loops.
⚪️ Ignite your creative spark with 70 enthralling wet and dry piano loops.
⚪️ Experience the earth-shattering impact of 30 dynamic drum loops, including 10 full loops, 10 kick loops, and 10 top loops
⚪️ MIDI included for all melodic parts