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Platinum: RAP

£24.95 £99.94

Platinum: Rap is a one stop shop for all your Trap, Hip Hop, Rap needs - Platinum sounds ready for you to create full tracks in no time


With a bundle of 6 super packs in one, we give you that billboard sound with hundreds of loops & vocals to make fire

We have created the ultimate rap library with over 5gb of content - Vocals, Beats, Melodics, Fx - EVERYTHING you need to create billboard, platinum ready Hip Hop in no time!

Inside the bundle you find 6 editions of our best selling rap packs, insane choice and content! Never struggle creating Hip Hop again.


Packs included In the bundle:

Billboard Beats & Raps is your new hip-hop producer’s dream sample pack, with everything you need to produce chart topping hip hop songs.

Inside the pack, you get 10 royalty-free kits, written, produced and performed by our exclusive rapper and producer duo.

The content of each kit includes loops, one shots, drums, vocals, raps, hooks 808’s, synths

just about anything you could ask for to get that signature sound of mainstream success.

Pack Contents:

  • 200 loops (MIDI & Audio)
  • 10 Song Kits
  • 40 Drum One Hits

Total Number Of Files:

  • 290


Get that Uk grime sound today as we provide 10 full kits, completely written top lines to give you an arsenal of heavy duty 808’s, hypnotic leads & a pro uk rapper to add to the authenticity of this pack.

Professionally recorded and produced in London, Uk, grab the sound that is taking over the continent.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Full Song Kits – Drums, Bass, Synths, Vocals
  • 10 Full Top lines with backings – Dry & Wet variants
  • 40 Wet Bonus Shouts & Adlibs
  • 40 Dry Bones Shouts & Adlibs

Total Number Of Files:

  • 300

Welcome to the world of mumble. A new age style of hiphop. Mumbling & unclear vocal delivery on the menu today.

We give you 5 full tracks containing 808s, bass, drums, synths, fx & vocals. Full rap verses, cool & calm adlips, & killer hooks.

With 70 Vocal lines (both in dry & wet versions) we bring the rapper to your DAW. Forget about splitting writing with a vocalist, forget recording and spending time editing. Avoid all the costs & time and just have hit ready vocals ready to go.

As well as 70 vocals, we give you 208+ samples & midi of the hottest genre in the underground scene right now.

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Full Tracks featuring: 808s, bass, drums, synths, fx & vocals. Full rap verses, cool & calm adlips, & killer hooks.
  • 70 Vocal Lines (Both wet & dry formats for ultinate control)
  • 250+ samples & midis – Arps, Brass, Drums, Fills, Fx, Keys & Vocals

Total Number Of Files:

  • 250

Catalyst Samples is proud to present Platinum  Melodic Trap & Vocals.

Featuring 100% royalty-free vocals that can be used however you wish.Wwe give you access to professional vocals, recorded in a state of the art studio to give you that billboard feel.

Platinum Melodic Trap & Vocals provides you with beats, 808’s, synths, leads, pianos, vocals, bass, arps & fx… everything you need to create that billboard friendly hit or just inspire a new classic.

A combination of dark, atmospheric trap & electronica.. as well as some phat 808’s & dirty bets … this sample pack covers a lot of more underground styles that trap explores.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Created Song Kits: everything you need to create that hip hop banger (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Fx, Synths.)
  • All key-labelled & BPM labelled. Ready to drag and drop and manipulate however you wish
  • MIDI for all melodic content in each of the kits

Total Number Of Files:

  • 130 Files

This sample pack is bursting with beats, melodics, bass & tons, and tons of vocals.

With 100+ vocals, and 85+ beats, melodics & bass… we’re giving you a loaded weapon to create commercial RnB in style.

Working with a top-liner in the scene and his producer, get that billboard sound and create banging tracks that are radio-ready. All these vocals & beats are 100% royalty-free, meaning you can use them with no permission from the artist or catalyst samples.

Work with a leading rapper in the scene without paying a dime! Get the sound of 2020!

If you’re after hooks for your Trap, RnB, Hip Hop or Pop productions… you’ve come to the right place

Pack Contents:

  • 100+ Unique Vocal Hooks
    • WET & DRY formats
    • 9 Different Bpm’s & Keys
    • 10 Bass Loops
    • 36 Drum Loops
    • 29 Music Loops – Flutes, Guitars, Keys, Synths)

Total Number Of Files:

  • 176

Welcome to Rap Trap – a one stop shop for banging beats & fire raps!

We teamed together a professional rapper on the scene who has written with some billboard artists as well as a producer who’s had releases on major records such as Sony.

We locked the 2 away for the month to create 10 fire tracks – containing everything you need to create billboard toppers

Save time and money on hiring rappers, splits and crafting the perfect 808s as we give you everything you need to step up your production.

808’s, twisty synths, hard hitting raps & bouncing drums – get ready to step up your trap game today.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Construction Kits
    • 808’s
    • Drums
    • Fx
    • Melodics
  • Full Vocal Lines
    • 52Additional Rap Phrases

Total Number Of Files:

  • 250