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Random Melodies - GHOST-SAMPLES

Random Melodies


Toolbox Samples presents to you a free collection of melodic loops to inspire



Unleash your creativity and break free from the shackles of writer's block with "Random Melodies," an exhilarating collection of 16 captivating loops designed to inspire and uplift your music production game!

Are you tired of hitting a creative roadblock? Fear not, because these handcrafted melodies are here to invigorate your artistic spirit and ignite a fresh spark in your music-making process. Each loop has been carefully curated to infuse your compositions with a burst of originality and brilliance.

Dive into a diverse sonic palette that effortlessly blends hip hop, pop, and other genre-defying elements, giving you the freedom to explore a myriad of musical styles

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 16x Royalty-Free Melodic Loops