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Smoke: Jazz Sessions - GHOST-SAMPLES

Smoke: Jazz Sessions


Smoke: Jazz Sessions by Catalyst Samples is one cool pack. Featuring 10 full compositions including a full jazz band, we’ve got everything you need to make jazz music in seconds

Whether you are producing full organic jazz, or want to sample these “records” to create Hip Hop, Lo-Fi or any style you wish .. this pack is completely royalty-free to do with it what you wish.

Imagine having your own jazz band in your studio, imagine no more! With Drums, Bass, Piano & Trumpets.. we bring the party to you. Influences include Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, and Thelonious Monk.

Grab a cigar, whisky on the rocks and start your jazz sound today. 

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 113 WAV Samples
⚪️ 23x Bass Loops
⚪️ 18x Drum Loops
⚪️ 10x Full Mix (Including Drums)
⚪️ 10 Instrumental Mix (Everything but Drums)
⚪️ 28x Piano Loops
⚪️ 24x Vox
⚪️ 30 MIDI Loops - 10 Bass, 10 Piano & 10 Trumpet