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Trap Soul

£4.00 £9.99

Take a seat as we embark on an exhilarating journey to create timeless RnB magic

For those seeking the alluring blend of melodic, velvety RnB & Trap goodness, look no further than these extraordinary loops. Immerse yourself in the deep resonance of Phat 808's, complemented by classic synth undertones and an edgy twist, all harmonizing with crisp and captivating drum loops.

Prepare to infuse your new future/rnb/trap productions with the soulful essence they crave. Delight in the treasure trove of 63x royalty-free premium soul RnB loops, boasting an impressive array of Drums, Guitars, Synths, FX, Bass, Atmospheres, Keys & Vocals. Each loop has been meticulously crafted to inject your creations with an irresistible dose of smooth character.

Elevate your music to new heights as you venture into this world of pure musical bliss. Let the spirit of soul RnB guide your creative journey and ignite an unrivaled passion in your productions. So, get ready to harness the magic of these loops and witness your music soar to extraordinary dimensions!

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 3x Atmosphere Loops
⚪️ 14x Bass Loops
⚪️ 14x Drum Loops
⚪️ 2x Guitar Loops
⚪️ 12x Key Loops
⚪️ 9x Synth Loops
⚪️ 9x Vox Loops