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Ultimate Horror FX - GHOST-SAMPLES

Ultimate Horror FX


Ultimate Horror Fx. Welcome to the world of horror. Suitable for all types of dance music and film/tv, this is a one-stop-shop for your horror needs!

Cinematic Risers, Scary Pianos, Rumbling Brass & Eery Strings and terrifying sounds such as drownings, laughs, zombies, creaking door handles.. we give you 100 samples of fresh horror.

Whether you are scoring your next horror, or need to take your dubstep track on a sinister twist.. these sounds are useful for the everyday producer, no matter what you make. If you need to inject some horror, download these samples now!Warning: Keep the light switched on

What's In The Pack? 

✅ 100x Cinematic/Horror Fx
✅ Bass
✅ Brass
✅ Drones
✅ Drums
✅ Fx
✅ Piano
✅ Strings
✅ Bones
✅ Drones
✅ Impacts
✅ Laughs
✅ Whoosh
✅ Zombies