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Ultimate Techno Vocals - GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Ultimate Techno Vocals

£20.00 £44.99

'Ultimate Techno Vocals' by Catalyst Samples is a whopping collection of 449 vocals for your Techno and Tech-House productions

This Mega Bundle Contains:

Cool & Dark Tech Vocals
Cool & Dark Tech Vocals:
127 vocal loops aimed at the dark and dirty side of Dance music, this pack is perfect for Techno, Tech House, House, and even EDM. These vocal phrases are unique, fresh and ready to take your productions to a new level.
Dark & Scary Vocals:
With 100 dark vocal samples, this pack is perfect to add that extra bit of spice and darkness to your tracks. Want to give your track a darker, more eerie feel? Look no further, this pack is perfect for Techno & Tech House, as well as theatre, horror and cinematic projects.
Dark & Twisted Vocals:
This pack contains 111 dark, twisted, weird, evil, and mind-bending vocal loops perfect for Techno, Tech House, House.
These vocals are great to add that extra bit of texture to your tracks to take them somewhere weird and wonderful. If you are looking for dark and twisted vocals, or something a bit special to add to your track, this pack is for you.
Product Details:
✅ 449 Vocal Samples
✅ Dry & Wet Versions