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Writers Block Remedy - GHOST-SAMPLES SALE

Writers Block Remedy

£19.98 £49.94

Writes Block Remedy means no more struggling for ideas or inspiration again. With 286 loops to get you cooking in seconds, we give you 5 ultra inspiring melodic packs in one

Whether it's piano, guitar, synth, tuned percussion... we've got a huge collection of creative, inspiring & goosebump melodics ready to build the theme of your next track. Covering a wide array of genres, all loops are royalty-free, meaning you can use these sounds however you wish in your commercial productions and retain all rights

✅  286 Melodic Loops (Guitars, Piano, Synths, Tuned Percussion & Vocals)



We're excited to present one of our most unique styles & concepts as we give you Campfire Sessions

53x Loops of real authentic acoustic loops. Grab an acoustic guitar & all gather around the fire! These loops have no rules, have a listen yourself... Just raw beautiful chilled sessions around the campfire. No matter what genre you produce, let these loops take your tracks to another world. Whether it is Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Experimental, Pop.. anything!

These loops are as authentic as they get, hear the imperfections, hear the breaths. A beautifully creative pack that could inspire your next track!

What's In The Pack? 

✅ 43 Guitars & Vocals (Key Labelled)
✅  10x Textures


Classical Hip Hop Piano Vol 1 - Your very own beautiful playing piano assistant in the studio. No-fuss, no high price... Just quality piano loops for your productions

40x Beautiful, Emotive & Vibey Piano loops aimed at the hip hop & lo-fi genres. These loops can easily be used with classical, downtempo, chill out, lounge, trap, house.

All loops are royalty-free. Just sit back, and have instant creativity & inspiration at your ears. Let your thoughts and emotions go on a journey.

What's In The Pack?

✅ 40x Piano Loops (Key Labelled, 80-110bpm)



Hip Hop Melodics Vol 2 contains 78 Melodic loops for your hip hop productions

Versatile 100% royalty-free loops that can be used in a wide variety of different genres. Featuring lush & broken pianos, warm bass, exotic flutes, dreamy arps, reverb-drenched guitars, analog synths, glitchy bells, and much much more. No matter the style you create you may find your next theme in here, with 78 fresh & creative musical loops to get the juices flowing

Set the vibe right, just drag and drop and get instantly inspired. 

What's In The Pack?

⚪️ 6x Bass Loops
⚪️ 1x Choir Loops
⚪️ 2x Guitar Loops
⚪️ 5x Mallet Loops
⚪️ 16x Piano Loops
⚪️ 4x String Loops
⚪️ 1x Choir Loops
⚪️ 39x Synth Loops
⚪️ 2x Vocal Loops


40x Beautiful, Twisted, Creative Ear candy no matter what genre you produce. If you are looking for fresh tools to get your tracks started, or need some extra "bling" we are sure you can find a loop to get your creative juices flowing

Clocking in at a wide variety of BPM's and styles, this pack has no boundaries.. just pure quality content ready to be dragged and dropped into your productions.

No matter what you produce from Hip-HopLo-FiTrapExperimentalPopHouseChillout.. these loops will take you and your listeners on a journey into the abyss.

With each loop designed to sound finished as it is with painstaking EQ, Lush Compression & Saturation.. these loops really are ready to eat hot or cold. 100% Royalty-Free


What's In The Pack?

✅ 40x fresh & inspiring full melodic loops


40x Tuned Percussion is at your disposal in our latest sample offering. No matter the genre you produce, this versatile sound will be right at home in your sample library

All loops are beautifully recorded and EQ'd to perfection, so get ready to drag & drop and create instant inspiration! With the loops ranging from beautiful child-like melodies to haunting melodics, this set of loops can be used a wide variety of genres from trap & hip hop, lounge & pop, ambient & chill.

What's In The Pack?

✅ 40x Tuned Percussion Loops
✅ 15x Bonus Loops (Textures & Drums)