Top 10 Sample Pack Labels

Top 10 Sample Pack Labels

Sample and Loop packs are becoming more important than ever for music producers and beatmakers. And in recent years, the market has been flooded with numerous places to purchase sample and loop packs. So where should you go to find a quality pack that meets the criteria of the sound you’re producing? A good place to start is researching sample pack labels.

Top 10 sample packs labels

A sample pack labels sole purpose is to create innovative and unique sounds that can mesh into your music production. Some sample pack labels are putting out new sample and loop packs weekly. When you find one you vibe with it’s easy to cut through the noise of the market and go directly to them. You’ll know who is bringing quality on a regular basis. There are also many bootleggers out there that will steal others sounds and recycle them into packs they claim as their own. You’ll often find these from producers selling kits on Airbit or Beatstars, so be careful! All the more reason to do your research and find a credible sample pack label you can trust long-term.


Samples and loops can be purchased off subscription-based platforms like Splice and Loopcloud or in some cases direct from a label's website. And in some instances, both. In many cases, having a monthly subscription fee might not be the way to go. This way you can purchase the pack when you need it for a specific project you’re working on and own it forever. Whatever makes the most sense for you it’s equally important for you to do your homework on the label.

These are the top 10 sample pack labels.

  1. Capsun ProAudio
  2. Sample Magic 
  3. Origin Sound
  4. Ghost Samples 
  5. Diginoiz
  6. Audentity Records
  7. Soul Surplus
  8. Prime Loops
  9. Black Octopus
  10. Function Loops

Now you know some of the best sample pack labels there are. It’s time to take your music production to new heights!

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