Grammy Nominated Sample Packs

Grammy Nominated Sample Packs

While this isn’t yet its own category at the Grammy’s, I can definitely see this happening in the near future. And there may not be a Grammy nominated sample pack, but you will definitely find sample packs all over production used in Grammy nominated songs. Award winning music producers and beatmakers are regularly looking to top sample pack labels to bolster their collection of samples.

What sample packs were present at the 2019 Grammy’s?


An awesome example of sample packs being used in Grammy nominated music is Bring Me The Horizon’s 2019 release of amo. The album effortlessly blends influences from alt-rock to hip-hop and pop. It’s no surprise amo received a Grammy nomination in the category of “Best Rock Album.”

What was a surprise, however, was when vocal sample pack creator, KARRA, found her vocals prominently used in the hook for the song “in the dark.” This is becoming more and more of the norm in music production. Popular sample packs finding their way into hit songs and albums.

Another big example of this comes from sample pack creator, DECAP, and his Drums That Knock series. The latest edition of this series recently went platinum on Splice. And it also appears on a track included in Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The Gift album. “Already” which also features Major Lazer was produced by Shatta Wale. Beyoncé’s album was nominated as one of the best Pop Vocal Album’s of 2019.

And that wasn’t it for DECAP at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Electronic musician, Flume, also plucked samples from Drums That Knock for his mixtape, Hi, This is Flume. The mixtape went on to get nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

So, as you’re starting your next music project or beat, make sure you’re using the freshest sample packs on the market. You just might turn them into Grammy-nominated sample packs!

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